What a company produces is no longer the only thing that counts …

From 1 January 2023, the German Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains will come into effect. It obligates companies to document every step of the supply chain for authorities and consumers and to make it traceable. As with the GDPR, the documentation must be stored securely and be retrievable. The goal is for sustainability to become traceable, auditable and visible. Companies are liable for compliance with this Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains – and face damages and personal liability in the millions.

… but rather HOW the product is produced.

Calls for sustainability, human rights and animal welfare are becoming audibly louder. And society is increasingly demanding products whose origins can be transparently verified. Today, labels and seals are common tools. But the tsunami-like inundation of these labels barely reaches the consumer’s brain. From disorientation and lack of brand differentiation to mistrust, the consequences are already clearly visible. So, what does a credible future of product transparency look like?

Narravero stands for: ‘Let it speak true.’ The digital ecosystem is getting companies ready for the coming transparent value chain. Conscious consumers see more, allowing them to make conscious decisions.

Narravero: transparency on a new level

Narravero represents a digital ecosystem that offers tracking of products along the entire value chain. Within the company, all relevant information about a product is stored via a standard mobile phone. This can be done from any location in the world, without any prior technical knowledge on the part of the employees. Any type of (image) information can be stored. Every production step, every raw material etc. within the supply chain can be reliably retrieved at any time. The investment in the ecosystem is small. The information output is huge.

Narravero: credible language

Narravero really plays to its strength outside of companies: consumers only need to hold their mobile phone up to a product. Every item, whether it’s at the meat counter, on the confectionery shelf, in the DIY store or in the fashion boutique transmits valuable and attractive content to the buyer that goes far beyond what can be read on small labels and seals today. The highlight: Narravero users can enter what interests them via their personal profile. This information is displayed by Narravero in a highly customised way. This pays off directly in terms of loyalty and involvement. Narravero:For credible transparency.

A benchmark technology

The Narravero ecosystem consists of chip, smartphone, app and cloud. It creates an integrated, cloud-based digital network of product manufacturers, processors and customers. First, NFC chips (/QR codes) are attached or affixed to the goods. They document the entire supply chain from origin to end product.

Narravero uses the NFC technology hidden in the label to redefine operational and consumer-oriented product transparency. NFC stands for near field communication (contactless data exchange at close range via radio transmission). A smartphone communicating with the NFC chip is enough to securely and reliably record all information in the platform.

The platform consists of cloud & blockchain on-demand. The cloud synchronises offline and online content globally, quickly and reliably. The blockchain certifies processes immutably like a notary’s office. This is the first time that all basic internal documentation for complying with current and future regulatory requirements (ESG, CSR, QS labels, etc.) has been made available to this quality.

Random objects and entities gain an identity through the brand, whose history of origin is carefully recorded. Objects and entities can be: a single product, a batch, a carton, a container. This makes global supply chains visible and seamlessly traceable..

Narravero’s technology has long since passed its trial by fire and has proven its practical power: in the game meat market (example from the month of December 2021), about 50,000 hectares of hunting ground were managed and a payload of almost 35 million hits were processed.