Entrepreneurial nucleus

The ZIFFEREINS Group was founded in 2013 by Thomas L. Rödding. His motivation at that time: From the birth of the first idea to the growth of the resulting company, his company develops, accompanies and is responsible for market-influencing ideas until they achieve market success. Today, ZIFFEREINS is an internationally operating organization that combines strategy consulting as well as implementation and investment companies in an interdisciplinary way.

Value of mass markets

We don’t want to cook our own soup, but actively shape markets, develop and share knowledge, create something truly new and useful. Our attention is therefore focused on companies and ideas that are developing a mass market into a sustainable, differentiable market. To this end, the ZIFFEREINS Group on the one hand acquires stakes in existing companies and contributes crucial expertise and technologies. On the other hand, we evaluate ideas and, if qualified, lead them into our own business start-ups.

Mass markets to create value and to develop into a new differentiator:

Digitization pioneer

Our digital know-how looks back on more than 40 years – and thus forward. We program with exceptional talents who never stop doing one thing: Learning. We speak many common programming languages, but enrich them with exotic niche accents. And wherever it makes sense, we build the hardware to go with it. We fulfill special wishes with NFC, machine learning, augmented reality, GPS and geodata processing & visualization.

The ZIFFEREINS Group makes business models resilient for what is to come: The transparent value chain.

Leveling the ground sustainably

We don’t do things by halves: To promote markets, standards are needed. For example, key people in ZIFFEREINS are involved in standardization bodies/associations such as DIN, CEN, GS1, Open Foundations. In addition, we are regularly active with know-how and cross-sectional knowledge in committees on agriculture, animal health, food and, of course, digitization.