We develop software for market-influencing trends. Native, professional, grounded.

No instruction manual. Intuition!

Modern software development uses interfaces with the modern understanding of communication: the result aims to be intuitive and interactive to react to the user’s needs. Modern operation therefore does not need an instruction manual. Intuition must become the navigator so that apps can find a permanent place in people’s lives. In professional circles, FTUE (first-time user experience) is the moment that decides whether or not a user likes the technology.And we want to inspire people in these moments.

Ultimately, a broad portfolio of technologies is needed to ensure intuitive operation. Rule of thumb: The easier it feels to operate an everyday need via digital technology, the more complex the technologies and processes that are running in the background.

Our daily bread – the modern art of digitisation

The following is more for the techies:

We can’t get through a day without Apple’s Swift, Google’s Kotlin or Flutter, various web languages and backends for data from Oracle to Non-SQL. Wherever it makes sense, we also like to dig deeper into the tech box: IOT, embedded controllers, BLE-capable apps, RFID (especially NFC), crypto processes, sensor technology, hardware engineering, our own PCB layouts for electronic bridges and much more. Where it is helpful, we simply apply ‘Connect the unconnected’.

The mechanical engineers in our ranks can help with special problems: controlling dot matrix printers via BLE from a mobile phone, connecting calibrated weighing and price labelling systems to iPads, connecting video/thermal images with apps or IoT/MQTT solutions. Makes sense.

Arduino prototyping or special items like nRF, NXP semiconductor, NFC writer/scanner, printer control for thermal printers, inkjet printers and much more are also extremely fun.

A special object of desire for us: understanding and programming NFC & tags. We are also happy to provide production machines using NFC tags with intelligent custom coding for personalised printing.NFC is an upcoming game changer for us.

When it comes to diving deeper into computer science (yes, so far we have only scratched the surface), we incorporate machine learning and augmented reality; in many practical applications, GPS, geo data processing and visualisation as well as drone control give us a lot of joy.