We search, experiment and try out new things. Often with gut feeling. Always out of curiosity. And never with any pressure to bring ‘the next big thing’ to the market.

Creative commissioned work

Over the years, the first hesitant steps in our heads have evolved into giant entrepreneurial leaps. We were allowed to incorporate more and more creative commissioned deliberation into our think tanks, which led to a positive transformation – you might even say: a new entrepreneurial reality.

Focus on identity

We are particularly passionate about technologies that enable product transparency in a unique way. Through this identity technology, we say goodbye to simple promo labels and hello to labels that tell a vivid story about the product. And the label is increasingly becoming a bridge to digital product information for us.

‘Let it do the talking’ – that’s what we want from products from sectors such as fashion, food, etc. in light of the overwhelming growth of labels, seals, etc. and the simultaneous decline in orientation and credibility. Our wish has become reality: